Breaking Walls Counseling

Erica Gallmeyer, MSW, LCSW



What can I not say about Erica and Breaking Walls? Not only has Erica been a confidante, she has helped my daughter (and her coaches and family) understand what works, as importantly as what doesn’t work. My daughter now has concrete steps to overcome barriers to success. Erica provides concrete game-planning for clients based upon their unique personality. She is always available to consult and I recommend everyone to her. Most importantly, Erica has helped my daughter find a voice in the gym as well as outside.


I love working with Erica! She makes everything feel like there's hope in any situation. I finally feel like I have someone I can trust and tell everything to. She gives me so much support with not only the issues I bring to her, but also in my everyday life.


My daughter has been meeting with Erica on a regular basis for the last 2 years. Her sessions at Breaking Walls Counseling not only greatly helps her mentally as a gymnast, but positive results are noticeable in other areas of her life as well. Since the teenage years can be tough years with various hardships, talking and dealing with those issues are essential to ultimately help gymnasts perform to their potential. First and foremost, a connection must develop between the client and counselor. With Erica, my daughter was able to connect immediately. She told me, "Erica makes you feel comfortable, she's easy to talk to and she puts you at ease if you come in feeling stressed about something." My daughter has grown personally and has improved tremendously as a gymnast. Of the many noticeable differences, she has gained confidence, and actually enjoys competing now. Erica helps her prepare for meets, and if she's down, Erica helps her see the positives in any situation.

As a parent, I am thrilled for the guidance Erica provides my daughter and the special connection they have developed.